Movie Review: The Messengers

Supernatural thrillers are pretty interesting and I haven’t had a chance to see a pretty good one in a while. What’s amusing is that all of the commercials lately from most of the thriller/horror films have seen the creepy Gothika commercial and attempt to imitate them. The whole Ring thing is evident too. You know, the ghost looking girl that moves in a non-smooth pattern that shifts forward like if you fast forward video. Unfortunately, it’s been done so the effect is very… ehhh…
What’s more, is that I had a sneaking suspicion about the movie ending before I even watched it. Mainly since it didn’t make any sense as a thriller, unless the eventual outcome was what it was. And no, I won’t tell you what I thought. Just go rent The Messengers [affiliate] if you’re curious.
Dylan McDermott and Kristen Stewart are fantastic in this movie. McDermott has his usual troubled look much like the same tense character from The Practice. Stewart is a lesser known actress, but you might have seen her in Zathura.
Another interesting tidbit is that this film only had a $16 million budget, but domestically made over $35 million. That’s not bad considering as far as I can remember, it wasn’t in the theaters for very long. And comparatively to put things into perspective, Transformers cost $147 million to produce.