Movie Review: Pan’s Labyrinth

El Laberinto del Fauno is one of the more interesting foreign films that I’ve come across that didn’t make me yawn. In fact, it keeps you drawn in with the mix of brutality by reality, and the fantasy world of Ofelia, of whom is given three tasks to be completed by a faun within a labyrinth.
The story happens in post-civil war Spain, during 1944, where the Captain Vidal is fighting off the rebellion and takes extreme measures to gain information including terrible torture tactics. He’s known for hardheaded tactics against anyone that defies fascism. Meanwhile, Ofelia and her mother stay with her new stepfather (Captain Vidal). Ofelia wanders off and finds a labyrinth nearby that seems to respond to her… and finds a faun. The faun declares that she is Princess Moanna but to enter her kingdom again, she has to complete three tasks.
The rest is really up to you to watch. I found it delightfully magical, but those that are disturbed by torture scenes should probably not rent this or turn away when it seems like something is about to happen. A lot of the torture balances out why Ofelia acts the way she does in the film, and why other noncombatants are afraid of the Captain. Yet, this film is made very well and if you’re not squeamish, I would wholeheartedly recommend Pan’s Labyrinth[affliate].