Movie Review: Disturbia

Rented Disturbia (Widescreen Edition) [affiliate] from my fave rental service. And I have to say, that for a PG-13 thriller, this was one of the best movies by far in a long time. Starring Shia LeBeouf (you know… that dorky looking kid from Transformers).
Kale (LeBouf) is basically placed under house arrest after punching his Spanish teacher in the eye for talking trash about his father after his father dies in a tragic car accident. During this time, his friend Ronnie (Aaron Yoo) and new neighbor Ashley (Sarah Roemer) begin to start checking out a suspicious neighbor. This neighbor, Robert Turner (David Morse) is suspected by the trio to be the same killer from Texas that has the same MO. While many of the conclusions seemed far-fetched, they also had some sense to it.
What’s interesting about this movie is two things. One was that the teenagers really acted like teenagers with the angsty approach to life, while they believe that all their parents frustration is aimed at them, and making stupid decisions. Many a time, I was like, “… no no… don’t do that…”, and then I realized they were teenagers during a crisis. Adults don’t even think well in those situations, so what makes them any better? Thus, very good scripts and great acting to pull that off. The other is David Morse’s performance. For a guy that’s done a lot of action and thrillers, he definitely pulled off the creepy factor in this one. What’s even more interesting is that in this movie, he doesn’t have as many lines. It’s all about the moods that are set with him… well, just looking creepy.
Gives me the shivers to think there are people out there that can just be creepy looking. Ick. In any case, Disturbia is definitely worth picking up if you’re looking for a nice movie to sit down and get agitated at teenagers and creeped out by weird neighbors.