Greed will get the best of NBC

Apple iTunes NBC is getting greedy.
Apparently they discontinued their contract with Apple due to the fact that they wanted $4.99 an television episode versus the $1.99 price that Apple has on its iTunes Store.
This goes back to the age old fight when people have been trying to rock Apple forever thinking that content providers have the end-all-be-all game. Not so. Remember mp3s versus iTunes? Who’s the overall winner there? Definitely iTunes. Movies? iTunes again. Television shows? iTunes. Whatever you throw at Apple, they win.
Easy. They went through the research and found the cheapest price that people are willing to pay and never looked back. No price changes, no gimmicks, no increases. It’s plain and simple and consumers love it. It’s obvious when you look at their competition whom hasn’t been able to compete no matter what the deal is. Sony’s Connect? Recently shut down. Napster? Struggling.
So here goes another content provider that definitely made something from the iTunes store is now probably going solo. But will they be as popular? My guess is “no”. The people have spoken, and their knight is Apple. To maneuver yourself from Apple is like cutting off the nose to spite the face. Ridiculous business move, but it should be interesting to watch greed best those top dogs at NBC.