decTop for $99

dectop.jpg The decTop is a tiny computer able to run Windows CE or linux (everyone so far is loading linux on this bad boy). Originally designed by AMD (Personal Internet Communicator) for bridging the digital divide, this baby is running an AMD 366 Mhz processor, with 10G hard drive and 128M RAM. The beauty of this is in it’s compact design. It’s both fanless and only takes eight watts to operate. This is a thin device that is very affordable and while a bit on the slow end, it’s definitely worth the ninety-nine Washingtons considering what it’s build for. So if you need a headless device, or just a plain little box to play with, the decTop should definitely go on your shopping list.
It looks like there’s already a howto on installing Ubuntu, and it’s supposedly fairly easy to upgrade parts. Definitely going on my… “need to buy because I love linux gadgets” list.
Via Lifehacker