Asian community up in arms over “Sixteen Candles”

Yeah. Sixteen Candles. Amusing that Hyphen magazine brought it up since I grew up with those movies. And it didn’t bother me then, and it doesn’t bother me now. Here’s the thing.
I have three words for people that scream bloody murder about everything. GET OVER YOURSELVES. Racism is nothing to scoff at, and using that term for things such as this is … well, pathetic in my opinion. I grew up in a household where when someone made fun of you, you looked the other way. You’re better than people that have insecurities like that. And oh.. here we go again on the model minority thing. What’s so bad about being geeky? Nothing. Stereotypes define the world we live in. If we remove one, another replaces it. I’ll take a positive over a negative one any day of the week.
But even then, really… does it matter? There are movies galore that portray Asians poorly. If I remember correctly, there’s a scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? But who cares. It’s a movie. Big deal. Harry Potter portrays all non-magic users as dopey ‘muggles’. You don’t see everyone running around banning Harry Potter as racism against ‘muggles.’ Or take a look at the portrayal of Caucasians in anime. Interestingly enough, the dopey one is usually the white guy. Go figure that out. You don’t see Caucasians going … “AHHHHH… NOOOO… We’re all doooopey. Please stop!”
Give me a break. There are more important things in life than crying about some old eighties movie that shows up on TNT. Go find something more important to scream about like … gee… how about the Chinese tourist that got beat up at Niagara Falls several years back by DHS and it basically got shoved under the rug here? What about the political agendas against China with all the recalls on items manufactured there in response to them refusing to take the reins off of the RMB?
If you ask me, this just screams of lunacy. Leave me alone. I’m going to go watch some Brat Pack.