Apple understands indie devs unlike Sony

iphone.jpg It’s really funny. It wasn’t but a couple days ago that I wrote about Sony’s refusal to accept in the homebrew development community and the backlash that it has caused.
On the other side of the fence, where the grass is always greener, Apple has strangely enough done the exact opposite. They took the things that hackers were messing with and created something useful out of it instead of locking it completely down with each firmware release. Not only that, they introduced some new things with the firmware (terminal emulator) that allows you to run code packages if that’s your thang.
What’s so great about that? Apple is letting its users play with their toys… no matter how they want to play with it. That’s pretty sweet coming from a corporation that sells products since it empowers the users to push the limits of the gadget. On the flip side, not allowing access to devices just constrains all the development to only the corporate’s limits. You know the old adage that two brains is better than one…. well, what happens when you have over ten times the amount of brain power thinking up things that you never would have dreamed of while getting paid a salary and meeting deadlines.
Exactly. So this is great to see that at least some corporations understand the usefulness of people that want to hack your product.