Abyss Web Server

abyss.png Buddy Lestat, recommended Abyss Web Server and who am I to judge his sanity? Actually, in all seriousness, Abyss Web Server is pretty sweet looking since it looks like a polished version of what Xitami had back in the late 90s.
You can download the Personal Edition for free which is multiplatform based (linux, macosx, Windows, freebsd), and the only things different between this and the pro version are some rules for bandwidth throttling and the ability to create virtual hosts (which the personal edition does not allow) and the usual technical support feature. The footprint is fairly small, with 1M for space and 4M for RAM constraints but it has the support for PHP, native ASP, ruby on Rails, and all sorts of fun stuff that you see in the more flushed out web server daemons.
Definitely worth taking a look if you need something that’s easy to manage and admin in a nice GUI format. Because these days, who doesn’t like to point and click?