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Greed will get the best of NBC

Apple iTunes NBC is getting greedy.
Apparently they discontinued their contract with Apple due to the fact that they wanted $4.99 an television episode versus the $1.99 price that Apple has on its iTunes Store.
This goes back to the age old fight when people have been trying to rock Apple forever thinking that content providers have the end-all-be-all game. Not so. Remember mp3s versus iTunes? Who’s the overall winner there? Definitely iTunes. Movies? iTunes again. Television shows? iTunes. Whatever you throw at Apple, they win.
Easy. They went through the research and found the cheapest price that people are willing to pay and never looked back. No price changes, no gimmicks, no increases. It’s plain and simple and consumers love it. It’s obvious when you look at their competition whom hasn’t been able to compete no matter what the deal is. Sony’s Connect? Recently shut down. Napster? Struggling.
So here goes another content provider that definitely made something from the iTunes store is now probably going solo. But will they be as popular? My guess is “no”. The people have spoken, and their knight is Apple. To maneuver yourself from Apple is like cutting off the nose to spite the face. Ridiculous business move, but it should be interesting to watch greed best those top dogs at NBC.

3D holograms a reality

You didn’t know that we were close did ya. But with the help of a spinning mirror and some brilliant academics, it looks like we’re one step closer to seeing Princess Leia pop off of R2D2’s projector.

Did you notice that you could view it from any angle? And they could actually rotate the entire object or project a dynamic object? Woo woo. You can see limitless possibilities of communications and entertainment with this technology.
Oh, and before we forget. Yes Luke…. we’re waiting for you to save us.

Movie Review: Blood & Chocolate

Usually, I’m a big fan of werewolves, vampires, and the like. Most of the movies are pretty decent, although a bit cheesy. But usually the action suffices.
Unfortunately, I just didn’t really care for Blood & Chocolate [affiliate]. It wasn’t that the acting was bad. It was that the cheese factor and the fact that being based on a novel but totally changing the meaning of the story from the original storyline just isn’t my cup of tea.
The movie itself didn’t have any names I recognized off the top of my head, but was definitely better suited in my opinion for a television series, or a good B-rated flick. If you’re a fan of any of these actors or actresses, it’s still not a terrible movie that I would say to stay far far away…. but if you’re not and thought the commercials were pretty good… you might be in for a surprise. Personal opinion? If you have the time, it might be better to curl up with the book with the same title itself.


JuiceExample11.png Juice.
No, not the fruity liquid kind.
We’re talking about power. Battery life to be exact. This is a widget for MacOSX’s Dashboard where it watches the power levels and estimates the time before you run out of “juice”. Useful in every fashion…. although it sort of boggles my own mind why you’d want it on your Dashboard if it’s in the status bar already. Just a curious thought. But some people have Neopet type widgets, so who am I to judge? In any case, if you’re looking for a widget that tracks battery life, Juice is your man… or ..err… widget.

Viacom says that local blogger infringed on his own copyright

Christopher Knight, one of our own.
It seems like Viacom’s legal staff didn’t do due diligence, at least in my opinion. So long story short, Chris made a commercial for a Education Board position last year, that Viacom got a hold of (without permission) and made fun of it on one of their shows. Chris got a clip of the show that made fun of his commercial and posted it. Well apparently, he got served up a copyright infringement notice for content that was pretty much his own commercial?! Interesting.
I’m no attorney, but it sounds like a huge boo boo on behalf of Viacom. On top of that, The Knight Shift got Slashdotted. Heh. Gotta love the Internet.
Talk about a big oops.
Update (4:58PM): BoingBoing picked it up too. There is some commentary on how “fair use” should be used. This is where an attorney’s interpretation would come in since you can’t direct post other people’s copyrighted materials but with enough critique, it would have been probably okay. Many have pointed a finger saying that Knight should have done what other YouTubers have done in the past (which is critique the Web Junk 2.0 bit). Whatever happens, it’s still interesting that our little bit of the world is getting noticed on a bigger scale for a split second.


DashLockIcon.png Dashlock? What’s that? Exactly.
Not many people see the point of locking their laptops. Not sure why. But for those that are afraid of those peeping toms, and those nosy shoulder viewers… never fear. Dashlock is here.
Dashlock allows you to lock your MacOSX system through a locking widget on the Dashboard so that while it goes to the login system menu, the session itself is still active so that you don’t lose what you have going on. So basically, it’s like a screensaver lock, but better.

Sony just can’t stop dating the rootkit

Not really sure why Sony can’t stop dating the rootkit?
Don’t worry, no one else can figure it out either. In the latest security debauchery, it’s been found that Sony is now releasing more rootkits on software, even on demos. If you didn’t know about it before, here it is in all its glory from McAfee Labs.
What I don’t get is that they lost a whole lot of money trying this gimmick in the last business. You would have thought the PR folks would have been screaming and raising a ruckus over this one even if they did work in different divisions (music versus software). Sometimes, you just have to drop the jaw and wonder who’s head will roll this time for leaving the door open for this nasty rootkit to even get released.

Just a Nice Guy

At some point in an Asian guy’s life…. they’re reduced to the “NG”. Nice Guy. Every guy has been there, this Wong Fu Productions short struck a chord with myself, especially at a younger age. It’s strange that we all feel isolated at some point with the whole love life thing but you as the male seem to always stand in the “friend” position, and not so much the “boyfriend” position.
I must say that these shorts are very well done. Really nice to see some awesome short films and music videos coming from Asian Americans.

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CD Recovery Toolbox

cdrecovery_page02small.gif CD Recovery Toolbox is a free Windows utility that could one day… save your life. Well, maybe not exactly in that fashion of “saving” but everyone has been in this type of situation before. You backup your data onto CD/DVD thinking the media is indestructible. Then you load it in your drive one day and….
Holy cow. It doesn’t work! What to do? Those were pictures from Maui back when you were partying hardy during that one Spring break…..
Don’t sweat yet. Just because Windows doesn’t read it doesn’t mean that you can recover some, if not all of your data. Using this utility, you can attempt the impossible and perhaps recover things you thought were lost forever. Now isn’t that the coolest?
UneasySilence < OEmailRecovery

Belkin Tunetie

Belkin TuneTie for iPod
So these little things have been intriguing me for a while. Finally got my hands on a few of them. Made of silicone rubber or something of that sort, you get a package of three usually. What’s interesting is that you really should only use these with headphones that have no attachments on it (like if you have a volume knob or anything like a noise cancelling type device, then it doesn’t work quite well.
For what it’s for, it’s pretty good and it’ll probably put you back less than ten dollars. Belkin TuneTie for iPod [affiliate] can be purchased in a variety places. If you don’t want to get one of these babies to keep your cords in check, then I’d suggest getting bluetooth attachment and some bluetooth headphones.