Vivitar Vivicam 8600s

The Vivitar Vivicam 8.1MP Digital Camera [affiliate] has debuted in the US finally. It’s basically a beefier version of the 8300 cousin for about $220+ USD. After playing with this, I have to say that there is a multitude of features on this camera that you wouldn’t even believe nor would you probably care about.
The usual point and shoot is pretty nifty due to the fact that when it auto-focuses, it actually lines up and puts on the LCD some squares on where it’s focusing. If it’s incorrect, just release the trigger and re-press halfway. There is some anti-shake mechanisms and the color seems to come out fairly well.
One of the things I adore on this camera is the pretty quick reload of the flash. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had a new camera in ages, but night shots come out great and you’re able to take a number of them in succession due to the flash recharging quickly.
This 8.1 megapixel camera also supports up to 1G SD cards so you can push your pictures to the limit. With a 512M card, I can hold 60 highest quality pictures. Mind you that the resolution would be at 3264×2448 and about 2M and change per picture. It also have 6x optical zoom which makes it a lot easier to have high resolution shots without suffering from digital pixelation. It’s definitely a decent compact camera, although the one thing that bugs me just a little bit is that there is new optical viewfinder. The other is that the battery is proprietary so it needs a charger. Not a huge deal, but if you’re on-the-go, it could prove dire when you run out of juice. Fortunately, the battery seemed to last well for my purposes.
This camera is a bit harder to find and in my opinion works very well. Photog nuts would probably complain about the picture quality compared to Sony, and Canons for the same type of camera, but I wasn’t about to spend an extra hundred dollars for little improvement for the needs of a camera as such.
Point of these types of cams are to point-shoot and if you accidentally lose it, then oh well. Rolling in at around one hundred or two hundred dollars is about as much as most people are willing to lose before you start worrying about sticking your camera in the hotel safe. And that’s just not me. With the average consumer, the Vivitar Vivicam 8600s will due its job superbly, and even allow you to take some quick video. So far, this is my second Vivitar in years and they have yet to let me down.