The information that Vista collects that you didn’t know about

microsoft_vista.gif Of the 47 or so processes, there are about half that actually phone home and report on your actions to Microsoft. Didn’t know that? Me neither. Here’s the key point. While each individual piece doesn’t collect any particularly useful information, combined, it could really get ugly.
Microsoft states in its EULA that it won’t be used to identify you but you know that anyone with an IP address can be identified right? And every bit of information outside of that just makes it easier for people to track it down to the right person.
The funny thing about this is that you voluntarily give out your information with each part that can’t be gleaned from hardware. E-mail, addresses, file name extensions, metadata for games, and a whole plethora of other data that you didn’t think anything of when you opted in on them.
Understandably, there is a bit of FUD here since much of this type of data is also collected by other types of software outside of Vista. But the real news is that it really should teach people to read those EULAs carefully. You never know what you’re getting yourself into these days.