Review: Wilson Futon

I recently purchased a Wilson Futon designed by Blu Dot. They’re selling them at Target, and they’re getting snapped up like hot dogs at a baseball game. Seriously. Two stores had them sold out.
First some background. I have a room currently that I’d like to be more modern looking. I was looking for a sofa/bed conversion but they cost up towards two thousand or so dollars. There was a fabulous design that I saw months ago, but I can’t seem to find the designer. Then I was shopping at Target, and I saw this futon. Usually, I don’t care for futons, but this particular one screamed to me.
“Buy me! Buy me!”, it said.
So I did. The fact that it actually ratchets down to convert between a sofa and a bed is what did it for me. And the price of one hundred an fifty dollars. You don’t get cheaper than that. Well, you do, they’re called sleeping bags.
So far, I love it. It looks splendid in the room and is fairly comfortable. Conversion between seating and bed is super easy. The couple qualms I have with it? The package itself is pretty darn heavy to lift by yourself (it requires two people lift) and the legs are metal but the outer shell is plastic. Other than these little things, this futon is the bomb. I love back to college type furniture. If you’re looking to fill a room with an extra seating that can turn into a bed and don’t have the money or the muscle for a sofa bed, definitely consider grabbing one of these before they’re gone.
Update (7/25): After having slept on it a couple times, I have to say… it’s pretty hard. You have to get adjusted not to sleep on top of one of the metal parts if you sleep in the middle with it down. Easy solution though, find a mattress cover or comforter that you put down on top of it and then put a sheet or something over it to hold it. It’ll restrict the arms from folding up, but hey… it still beats the regular futons for price and looks imho.