Review: Directional LED Nightlight

I recently got me one of the directional LED nightlights. Mainly it was because I was looking for something that would cost less but provide just enough light at night so that I don’t trip down the stairs and fly out the window off the stairs. Or something….
Okay, it was because it was a LED gadget okay?
In any case, this Directional LED Nightlight [affiliate] costs a whopping eight dollars. Yes, I know it’s soooooo expensive. Who are you kidding? In actuality, this is pretty neat because you can sort of direct the light, what little there is to magnify by the lens. It’s a bright white which means that it’s your basic white diode. While I’m not going to even bother thinking about the lifetime guarantee since LEDs are pretty much ten year (on 24/7) lifetimes, the average cost of twelve cents per year to operate is definitely nice.
It does come with a photo sensor, so you don’t have it sucking power during the day when there’s no need for a nightlight. You know, the whole “night” part of the meaning would go out the window if it was a day/night light.