Reusable Roadside Emergency Flares

This is super useful since these run on AAA batteries and basically can be reused as long as you have batteries on hand. The flares are lit up with LEDs and can be seen up to 1000 feet and can flash or have a steady beam. Running on batteries, it can run for up to 250 hours … which means that if you’ve had a flare up for that long and you still haven’t had help, then you’re either way out in the countryside and good luck with that, or .. you’re way out in the countryside.
Another great thing about this? They all come with magnetic bases which means you can set it on top of your hood or anywhere else there’s a metal surface. Don’t try that with those chemical flares unless you want a huge burn mark on top of your car.
“Reusable Roadside Emergency Flare, 2 Pack” [affiliate] will run you a little less than ten dollars, while a single Reusable Roadside Emergency Flare [affiliate] is about five dollars.