Pownce is… pretty useless?

pownce.gif Pownce is the latest creation by Digg cofounder Kevin Rose and pals. I got two invites to it, and finally decided that at the very least I could do a review on this. It didn’t really excite me just as I expected and I don’t see the point of it. At all.
Pownce in itself is very similar to LinkedIn but without the professional network in mind. No, in this case, you’re just talking to your friends via short messages, sending files, and sharing events. Yes, the target market is your “friends”. That in itself should ring an alarm, seeing how many “friend networks” there are out there in the wild wild Web.
Of the above, they just seem like rehashing of current tools that are out there. Personally, my IM network is still the biggest used short messaging system for my friends. It does both the short messaging and sends files. If I need to share events, I suppose Pownce does the job, although I have Upcoming for that also which I have never needed.
All in all, all of these things seem to be like a new fad in the making just because you have Rose groupies jumping on board. Both MySpace and Facebook have much of the similar uses for sharing with friends. Even Xanga which a lot of the younger generations used to use to get the word out for doing “whatever” they’re doing. In fact, most of the younger generations now hardly use the Internet for communication. It’s this neat thing called the “cell phone”. It allows you to “text” your “peeps”.
I have an account but so far the mileage on it is close to nil and I have a feeling that’s the way it’s going to be unless it gets integrated into my IM client for whatever reason. If not, then there’s no need to reinvent the wheel when there are well-established networks that already do the exact thing this is accomplishing. Now if Pownce did something special with your friend network that no one else did…. but it doesn’t. So we won’t need to go there.