Movie Review: Stomp the Yard

Stomp the Yard (Widescreen Edition) [affiliate] is one of the better dance numbers that I’ve seen recently. Not quite Dirty Dancing, this movie is more about fraternity rivalry at a fictional black university. If you’ve ever seen black fraternities step, it’s a pretty interesting sight to behold. In the same fashion, this school has a strong rivalry and the main character (Columbus Short) has to choose between the two fraternities after going there to escape a troubled past. At the school, he meets April Palmer (Meagan Good) and starts off flaunting like a peacock trying to dissuade the females with his colors.
Much of the storyline is about his struggles with his brother’s death and how he tries to shake off guilt that he might have caused his brother to die. The love story entwines between this struggle and the fraternity rivalry. Overall, this movie definitely had me hooked from beginning until end, and usually those do not happen with ethnic films that do not have a lot of action in them. Truth be told, I thought that this was more of a b-boy type film at the beginning when I rented it since I remembered that the commercials were showing a huge b-boy battle. There is a pretty extensive scene with b-boy battling but don’t be disheartened if you were hoping for more of it. While stepping isn’t the same as breaking, it’s still amazing interesting with all of the synchronized movements.
You won’t be disappointed with Stomp the Yard.