Movie Review: Dead Silence

Having been feeling for a couple of horror movies lately, I queued up Dead Silence [affiliate] from [affiliate] and waited it to arrive. When it came, it was … ehh… not a bad horror film, but it was rather gruesome for a pretty decent plot.
The story goes thata ventriloquist, Mary Shaw, wanted to create the perfect doll. At one of her shows, a loud mouth little boy happened to question her and say that her lips were moving. That little boy vanished later on and Mary Shaw was blamed for the vanishing. Thus, the boy’s family and friends acted on revenge and went on to kill her and ripped her tongue out. After that, there was a curse that fell upon all of the people that went to lynch Mary Shaw.
The story is pretty typical of any of the usual horror films and Jamie Ashten (Ryan Kwanten) searches for the answers to his wife’s gory murder after seeing her tongue ripped out and knowing the old nursery rhyme from their little town. Jim Lipton (Donnie Walhberg) is a detective that tracks Jamie down after suspecting that he actually killed his wife from the very beginning. He’s the skeptic that doesn’t believe in childhood fairy tales and thinks that Jamie is just trying to use his guilt of the “murder” to pin it on some childhood hocus pocus.
What’s strange is that many movies have these really scary and gruesome types of nursery rhymes or stories which are probably a reference to Grimm’s fairy tales. One that comes to mind is the movie Darkness Falls. In that one, the Tooth Fairy is the scary beastie that is chasing after children and the rhyme is pretty ehh…. well, not nice comes to mind.
In any case, the dolls used are very much reminiscent of the clown and other types of dolls in Saw and no wonder at that since the movie’s creators also created the Saw series.
Overall, not a bad horror film. Not as gore stricken as the usual types these days, but it’s still a bit out of the ordinary and doesn’t make you scared for the sake of being scared and instead wants to gross you out a bit. But it’s definitely scaled back from the usual types these days. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this on Sci-Fi channels Halloween weekends in the future.