JCPenny customer survey promotes good customer service

jcp_logo.jpg JCPenny you say? Yes. They have really have thought this out.
Customer service requires feedback usually. So what they did was ingenious. They set up a survey website. It’s not the survey site itself that is brilliant though. No, many stores have done this. It’s the fact that they use this customer survey to promote more sales. How do they do that?
On every single receipt these days, the back of the ticket says that you can save “15% off” your entire purchase and from what I can tell can be stacked with clearance and sales (some conditions may apply, just take a look at the coupon for details). This works for both online and brick-and-mortar shopping. The maximum the survey takes is about ten minutes if you’re extremely slow, probably closer to five. I do it in about two since it’s pretty simple.
It’s one question per page, approximately thirteen pages. Asks about your experience in the store, and at the very end asks about some categorizing information. This is typically to trend out which groups of people are shopping at the store and what their income levels are and what not. At the end of survey, you get to print out your coupon.
That’s the right idea about customer survey. People love saving money, and they love it even more when you get to save just by telling them if you had a good or bad experience. It’s almost like someone giving you a gift certificate just because they wanted to know if you had a good time. Not bad. Not bad at all.