GAO sting obtains nuke license in 28 days

gao.gif If you didn’t know it, GAO is my favorite agency out of the entire United States government. The Government Accountability Office was requested by a Senate panel to find out if there were gaps after 9/11 in the government’s security towards radioactive material. In the sting, within 28 days, the dummy corporation set up by GAO investigators had in its hands a license to buy radioactive materials from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. With a bit of very simple counterfeiting, they were able to change the license to buy enough materials for a dirty bomb.
Scary. Very scary.
But this also shows where government doesn’t hold the same standards of accountability and why they are so inefficient. This GAO sting proves that we not only have holes, it doesn’t seem to take much to get around.
The problem here? Not enough people get fired and the hirings are more politically motivated than by expertise and experience. If people were more responsible in their positions and processes, then there wouldn’t be such actions such as handing out a license before the facilities were inspected and other types of precautionary measures. A similar analogy would be as if TSA scanned your bags AFTER the flight landed. That wouldn’t make sense now would it? Well, what the NRC did with GAO didn’t make any sense to myself either.
Let me reiterate. Scary. Very scary.