Game Review: Killzone Liberation

There are not too many games that allow multiplayer infrastructure mode for the PSP. But the real reason to commend KZ:L isn’t the storyline or the game play. And believe me, the game is worth it just for those although I have to say that one of the main Helghast characters looks way too much like Cobra Commander and with a name like Cobar, how could you think anything else. No, the real commendation comes from having a UMD game and being able to patch it later on through a downloadable storyline and addition for infrastructure play. I mean, seriously, how cool is that?
Wait… say that again, you say? Yes, this is the first game that I know of that you download a patch that enabled multiplayer infrastructure play. It’s not been done, but the game play is rather smooth and even allows voice chatting if you own a headset. It’s an incredible feature and that alone is worth the forty dollars that you would have to shell out for this game. Even so, Killzone: Liberation [affiliate] is still worth every penny. There isn’t many games like this and I hope Guerilla Games releases more chapters to the storyline for download. It’s one thing to provide extra downloadable levels and content for a game, but it’s another when it enables extra game play altogether. I just can’t stop playing my PSP. Somebody stop me.