Former Surgeon General says Bush administration watched his every move

hlogo.gif Former Surgeon General, Dr. Richard Pomona, has said that when he brought up the science behind medical research he was ignored by politicians and that he was told he couldn’t do or say certain things due to political families and agendas. I first heard about this on NPR and was shocked. Well, not really.

“I was blocked at every turn, told the decision had already been made. Stand down, don’t talk about it,” he said.
Carmona said that throughout his term, his speeches were edited and talking points were provided by political appointees. President Bush was to be mentioned at least three times per page for example.

Are we really surprised? Even by the three times per page thing? Not I. To think that science has anything to do with profits and political agendas would be insane. I’m sorry to see that the Surgeon General position being compromised to political whims. I really am, since most people usually respect that position unlike the one of the Attorney General (which recently seems to be also politicized completely).
But it’s not unlike politicians or even ex-politicians to run public relation campaigns in things that they just happen to also have some sort of financial gain in. A great example is Al Gore. If you take a look at which companies that he sits on as the Board of Directors for and where he has his money invested in, it’s not difficult to see that everything seems to come together. The rest of the politicians are the same. If you’re not a ‘yes man’ then they don’t want you in a position where you could go against them.
It’s the way of those that have any say in society and the power of politics. Unfortunate.