ConvergeSouth 2007 registration is now open!

convergesouth.jpg Third annual ConvergeSouth registration is now open.
This year, we’re all about The Fifth Estate. Basically, just think about the new mediums and how they’ve changed the way we think about news and how to gain information. Social networking has come a long ways from blogs. This year, there is a lot more on content generation for videos both online and on cable television. is one of the sponsors and will also show demos on how to create your own pods to get shown on television (voted on by the people).
But what I’m really excited about personally is that Anil Dash has agreed to be a panelist. Anil is Vice President for SixApart, whom creates LiveJournal, Movable Type, TypePad, and Vox. And having had a MT blog since who knows when, I can say that I’ve been a fan of their products for ages. If I’m not mistaken, one of our other conference organizers arranged this… so a personal thanks from my end since this is one person that I definitely don’t want to miss if I can help it! (Hopefully I’m not as exhausted this year…)