Cobian Herald

cobianherald.jpg Cobian Herald is a free mailing list program for Windows. It basically checks a POP3 account (or multiple POP3 accounts) at given intervals. If it finds a message there, then it forwards that message along to the rest of mailing list by way of an external SMTP server. You can set it up to either have Cobian Herald manage the registration of the mailing list, or you can lock the mailing list itself and have the administrator manage it manually.
While it’s not being developed any further, it has a lot of good features for a quick and easy to use mailing list program that is Windows based. It does support Vista if that was a concern. The nice thing about this is that while it’s not a mail server, it basically figures that there is probably already a mail server out there for you to use. No need to bog down your machines with useless server daemons. While support for only POP3 limits the program a little (the other big one is IMAP), it basically functions superbly for a quick and easy mailing list if you’re not used to setting up the powerhouse mailing list programs such as majordomo.