City of Asheville fines TNT over display of American flag

americanflag.png Usually, I praise Asheville on how their downtown is but I refrain from speaking of their politics since I don’t particularly care for how the city is managed. But this last Fourth of July, there was an incident that just perturbs the heck out of me.
TNT Fireworks has to my knowledge, always erected the American flag above their fireworks tents. Yet the City of Asheville is fining TNT for flying the American flag due to a sign ordinance that bans signs above any commercial structures including flags. $100 a day apparently.
What’s even more annoying is that this sign ordinance has been around since 1997 and they’re just now enforcing it against temporary commercial structures such as fireworks tents? Come on. That’s a symbol of the freedom we have and do fight for. The city states this comment:

“We ask that people display the flag respectfully.”

They believe that there might be a violation with federal guidelines of how the flag is displayed. Yet, there is nothing under US Code Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 8 that to my reading TNT has violated. If anything, they perhaps would be violating Section 6, if you deem a tent as a “building” of which that’s up to legal interpretation. Either way, in my eyes and many other Americans, it seems awfully ridiculous and makes the City of Asheville look terribly bad.
TNT is currently appealing the fine.