Why politicians need to treat voters like customers in a store

100px-Great_Seal_of_the_US.png Maybe I’m alone in this opinion, but I’m sick and tired of politicians. All politicians. Every term, you get someone else that promises this or that but yet they can’t keep it.
Here’s how the usual storyline goes:

Politician: I promise to push national healthcare.
Voter: But that’s what the last guy said.
Politician: Oh, but I’m not like the last guy.
Voter: Okay, I’ll give you a chance.

After being voted in…

Voter: Hey, what happened to national healthcare?
Politician: I started a “plan” for it!
Voter: Hey, that’s what the last guy did. Nothing happened.
Politician: But I’ve started the process.
Voter: I didn’t vote you in for half a process. You promised the full kaboodle.

Ever feel like that’s how it goes? That’s pretty much how I feel about politics. From any partisanship. You feel like you’re getting ripped off every other year because someone sold you a product that is vaporware, and you bought a full-fledged service, not a half-assed one.
So I propose that we hold politicians to their promises. You campaign with some promises? It has to be real, and made good when you make office. You don’t make good on your promises by a certain time frame? Your lead competitor gets to take office and make good on his promises. No show by both sides? You don’t get another shot at the title seat. I mean come on… we buy into this stuff every election year, and we’re disappointed at every election year. It’s got to stop. We need to start shopping at other “stores” if the current one is selling cheap or broken goods.