When police don’t like skateboarders…

While I don’t know what the law is about skateboarding in Hot Springs, Arkansas and if there was previous interaction with the police that these teens had going on that could have lead to their arrest, it’s interesting that the videographer actually didn’t do anything that I could tell as depicted as resisting arrest, battery, and some other charges that the officer was saying they violated.

I could be wrong, but I thought most people upon arrest were supposed to be read their Miranda rights? Maybe not. Maybe some police officer could shed some light on it. In any case, while the runner was definitely someone that shouldn’t have done what they did, and there seemed to be more than meets the eye since it was purely an anti-police message right from the start. But if you look at the video with objectivity, the police officer still seems to be quite aggressive towards the teens, especially the videographer since he seemed to be just standing around but protesting a little bit.
I’d love to hear the side of an attorney or police on if the actions were well within the bounds of the officer or if they seemed too aggressive. A copy of the police report would definitely be interesting too just to see what exactly the charges were against the teens and how they broke the law from law enforcement’s eyes.