Unity builds games easily

small-unity-logo.png Unity is a 3D game development and integration environment that allows you to develop on-the-fly games. On your Mac. It’s not quite a no-brainer but it makes game development a lot easier than your old school way of writing code. In fact, there’s really not much you have to do in the instance of code.
Interestingly enough, Unity is done in Mono (the open source .NET implementation) so scripting has been written up easily enough that anyone with even a slight language experience can use it. Another beautiful thing about this IDE is that it has plenty of format conversions on the fly. If you’re more in tune with using .psd files, no problem. Have a Blender format? No sweat. Unity seems to convert everything in real-time right into the game.
Overall, this is one development system that I will have to sit down and try. The Indie version will run $249. The Pro version will burn a $1499 hole in your pocket.