Time Warner Cable doesn’t really want you to call them

twc.jpg Whether or not by design or by mistake, this is a consumer’s biggest pain in the rear. Time Warner Cable in the Piedmont Triad region has some of the most terrible phone service ever. We’re not talking about customer service… no, the lady that I got connected to was extremely nice and helpful. One of the better customer service representatives that I’ve talked to in fact.
No, it’s a hardware issue. Almost like a sign that TWC just really doesn’t want you to talk to them. Amusingly enough, you have this line:

You can pay your bill in person or call us with any questions at our 24 hour support centers:

But right underneath are hours posted for customer service. I thought twenty four hours meant that there is always someone there? Obviously only if you need to have repair done or something.
But is that the problem? No…. actually, try calling one of the customer service numbers. If you’re extremely lucky during the day, you might get a 1 in 25 chance of being connected. More than likely, you’ll get a busy signal, a call that connects half way then drops to busy signal, or just a really bad line connection that forces you to drop and retry again. If you don’t get any of these, then you’ll be connected into the usual customer service type system where you have to combat a automated system that doesn’t really want you to go to the representative. When you say “representative”, it forces you into a category choice even if none of the categories fit your question.
When you finally get to a customer service representative, that’s when things start getting better. But I assume that most people would get frustrated and quit somewhere at the beginning of this process.
How would you fix this? Have an overall 800 number that sends you directly into the system just as the banks do, or credit card companies do, or any other service that has customer service call centers. The whole busy signal thing is deconstructive to the whole customer service mentality. And if there is such a number, then the question becomes… why isn’t it written on the website in an easily found area?
twc-002.jpg One last thing. If you’re from Kernersville, it seems like you’re up a creek. The customer service that supports that city doesn’t have a customer service line or a repair line. Not really sure what to say about that since there isn’t a note that tells you to call some other line. I suppose you could call Forsyth County, but then there’s no repair line. Oops.
The Power of You
. Yup. For sure. The power of my frustration with the whole process. I’ve actually been able to reproduce this effect multiple times with TWC. Their technical and customer service staff is very amiable, but the real challenge is getting to them. But I challenge you to try your respective county number and see if it “works” just as well.