RIAA used to use fake cops, now they use real ones

riaa_logo.gif Apparently the RIAA’s anti-piracy unit is special: beyond the law special. Which is very amusing since the whole copyright violation thing actually has the law playing in their favor, but this goes back to how these corporations are acting outside the boundaries of law and this just isn’t right, nor is it ethical.
Without a doubt, copyright violation is a big no-no. Period. End of story. But did you know they (RIAA) did something that any other citizen would have been thrown in jail for three years ago? Yup, in my opinion, they seemed to have impersonated law enforcement. Last time I checked, you can’t go around doing that, nor could you even dress up “similar” to a police officer, federal agent, or anyone else as such. What’s worse is that they hired former police officers and law enforcement which should know better than to dress up as law enforcement. Even movie people know that they need a special permit to even have people wearing costumes as such in a closed set in case anything happened.

The RIAA acknowledges it all — except the notion that its staff presents itself as police. Yes, they may all be ex-P.D. Yes, they wear cop-style clothes and carry official-looking IDs. But if they leave people like Borrayo with the impression that they’re actual law enforcement, that’s a mistake.

Nice try on the whole PR speak here. I would assume that any officer of the law could tell you that you could not go around wearing cop-style clothes or having official IDs and not be hauled off in cuffs to the local precinct for a little talk.
I guess the whole pretend thing went too far. So currently, they’re getting taxpayer paid officers to do their own dirty work instead of going about it through the actual legal means of assisting federal law enforcement (whose jurisdiction this falls under since the copyright laws broken are federal code). Just take a look at GrayZone, and you’ll find that the industry “trade” group has been behind all of the local police raids.
This strong arm tactic really bugs me. It’s almost like it’s straight out of some mafioso movie. From the laws perspective, the RIAA is in the right to protect their copyrights. BUT… they are not in the right to do the above and “trick” people with people dressed up in law enforcement gear, nor do they have the right to spend taxpayer money to direct police officers on their own legal agendas. Local law enforcement is there to protect and serve the “local citizens”, not the RIAA. I’m no legal expert and the above is only but one person’s opinion, but this sounds wrong. Just plain common sense, wrong.
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