Pak-lite LED flashlight

The Pak-lite LED Flashlight W/ Alkaline Battery [affliate] is a great gift although a bit on the expensive side (twenty to twenty-five dollars). This comes with a 9-volt battery and basically attaches right on top of the 9-volt. There are two LEDs that have two settings, low and high. On low, you can be powered for six hundred hours and on high you can have it for about seventy five hours. While the low setting isn’t as bright as I’d like it to be, it’s definitely been a lifesaver next to the bed when the power goes out. And being as tiny as it is, you don’t have any troubles with storing it in a purse or out of the way.
I have also used this little number in fixing computers, lighting up some darker cabling areas, and all sorts of quick lighting needs.
In case you’re wondering how long you have to replace the LEDs. Don’t worry. By the time you’re looking to replace the LEDs, you’ll have gone through so many 9-volts that there will probably be new technology out to light you way.