Naki PSP UMD Slider Case

Naki 30016 PSP UMD Slider Case
I got my hands on the Naki’s PSP UMD Slider Case [affiliate] since I’m always running out of carriers for my UMDs. The look from the pictures reminded me of the Intec cases. In fact, it seems that one company or another was influenced heavily by the other. But when I received the cases, I realized that the Intec ones I had were built better.
For about ten dollars, got you two cases. Each one is made out of some heavy plastic that allows you to carry two UMDs (each in its separate holder) and two memory card holders. The slider functionality of the case basically is that the sections of the case swing out from the hinge. Nothing terribly fancy. The hinge was also made of heavy plastic.
In comparison, Intec’s similar built case allows you to stack up to three UMDs together even though both cases are similar thickness. The hinge is a metallic screw and the lid is spring loaded. Overall, just a better quality design.
If you’re looking for UMD cases, the Naki version seems a bit cheaper but you get what you pay for. Personally, I was curious as to the Naki UMD Tower but now I’m not so sure after seeing the portable carrier.