Movie Review: The Good Shepherd

This movie was a great CIA type thriller. Based loosely on factual events, it covers the beginnings of counter-intelligence within the CIA and how Edward Wilson (Matt Damon) also a member of the Skull and Bones, forges ahead with the intelligence community in the 1960s. As the the timeline moves on, you will see the from the Bay of Pigs invasion to the beginnings of the Cold War.
You would think that this movie is your typical “spy” movie. But it actually captured my attention from the beginning and never let go. It’s a thriller without too much of the action and more of the thought process behind those that are in the field of intelligence. At the time, the technology was not as in-place to do information gathering so there was a lot more intuition and gut feels involved along with some calculated decisions. Edward Wilson was one of those people that said very little and gave you a smile when it was appropriate, but something about him was always a little off and you would feel shaken a little. That’s the type of character that Damon plays which suits the role very well. There are also side stories about his wife, his son, and his love interest.

If you’re into the spy thrillers (and not the James Bond type of spy movies), then you should really get your hands on The Good Shepherd (Widescreen Edition) [affiliate].
I personally loved this movie due to many historical references, such as Project MK-Ultra. Not the type of things you usually would find in your history books.