Movie Review: Smokin’ Aces

Smokin’ Aces was one action packed mafia adventure. FBI agent Richard Messner (Ryan Reynolds) is trying to take Buddy “Aces” Israel (Jeremy Pivens) into custody since Aces has snitched on the rest of the mafioso to save his own hide. Aces is a Vegas magician turned mobster that has fighting for more territory from the resident kingpin Sparazza, who finally had it and placed a million dollar bounty on Aces’ head. Assassins of all kinds come knocking looking for the big bounty including an all female team (Alica Keys and Taraji Henson), some neo nazis, and others.
A pretty violent film, with lots of guns going off without scenes that cut from the shooter to the victim, so it’s rather continuous. There is also some drug use and scenes with prostitutes. From a standpoint of action packed violence, this was a pretty decent film although it’s not something that I would be jumping to see again and again. One of those, “I’ve seen it, great… if it comes on TV, then let’s watch some more” type of movies for me.
If you’re here to see Ben Affleck, then I’ll save you the trouble to say it’s more of a cameo appearance. I won’t go into more than that.
All in all, it was violent, violent, and more violent. If you’re not into that type of stuff, don’t see this movie. If you are into lots of guns and people getting shot, then by all means. Smokin’ Aces (Widescreen Edition) [affiliate] is currently running just shy of seventeen dollars.