Movie Review: Happy Feet

I was really excited to see the movie. I know I know, what a shill. Watching a kid’s movie. But come on, you didn’t tap when you were a kid? (Don’t answer that).
In any case, the whole premise of the movie is about how the Emperor penguins sing to each other to find their “soul mate” but little Mumble just can’t sing. He feels the music and he can’t help but tap his feet. Since his colony is in danger, he sets out to find the reason why his little part of the world was gradually getting smaller and smaller and bumps into some very interesting friends along the ways (adelie penguins).
While very cute, the first half hour or so was a musical. Well, the whole movie is a musical, but the first half hour, you don’t know what exactly is going on. It’s drearily slow. However it does pick up later on in the movie. The jokes are pretty amusing and the tapping sequences were done by Savion Glover, a well-known American dancer and choreographer.

From a big kid’s perspective, Happy Feet (Full Screen Edition) [affiliate] just didn’t have the bang for the buck. The whole movie, I was wondering if there was more or if that was it. Sure, Mumble is cute, and you feel sorry for the guy, but come on…. give me a little bit more action at the beginning to set the mood! It’s like starting up Die Hard with a musical number. It just doesn’t seem right after that. Just needed a little bit more oomph like in Ice Age.