Movie Review: Alpha Dog

Are you a Justin Timberlake fan? If so, go see this movie and be totally awe-struck. Otherwise, don’t bother. To tell the truth, the movie itself wasn’t half bad once you got over the content and some of the acting. Mostly it seemed like some kids going around swearing a lot, using a lot of drugs, a lot of sex, and doing stupid kid things.
Based on the true story of Jesse James Hollywood, Alpha Dog [affiliate] is about the fictional character Johnny Truelove (Emile Hirsch) is the youngest drug dealer in Hollywood and gets riled up by another guy that owes him money, he decides to kidnap the kid brother (Anton Yelchin) and eventually gets knee deep in something that he can’t get out of without getting the book thrown at him.
Unfortunately, even with the whole being based on a true story, I would not have watched this movie if I had paid attention to the fact that Timberlake was in this movie. No offense, but just not a big fan of his and it’s like saying that Britney Spears can act. Personal opinion of course. If you like him, then by all means go nuts on with this one. I could have been without on all of the sex, drugs, and everything else. I suppose it was trying to gain the feel for the life of Jesse James Hollywood, but it really just doesn’t do it for me just like watching the gang violence type movies. From a drug use type of artsy movie bit, I would have watched more of Trainspotting than this again. To each their own, I suppose.