Have you seen Xslimmer? Well, while it may save you space and all, and is a paid solution, there’s a open source solution out there. Yeah, you didn’t know that did ya.
Monolingual basically takes the language files and allows you to remove the ones that you never use. Sorry guys, but I really don’t use Klingon. It also allows you to delete the non-needed input languages. But what’s most interesting is that you can delete any PowerPC code if you’re on Intel. This is kind of scary, and I didn’t go forward with it seeing that there is software out there that uses Rosetta or is integrated in, but for those with balls of steel, test it out. See how it works. Obviously, if you only have a PPC based Mac, then you can kill the Intel versions of the Universal binaries without a hitch and definitely save some space there. If you hose up an application, don’t come crying though. Just make sure that the worst that could happen is you would have to reinstall the application.
Not stopping you guys from using xslimmer, but if you’re not supporting paid developers, here’s an open source alternative that works just as well.