Media Matters report uses surveys that doesn’t align with rural America

mediamatters.jpg Media Matters has just recently reported that conservative America is a myth. Many liberal sites such as lotusmedia, are pushing this report like they’ve found the Sangreal.
I got news for you. While I’m no expert at all in politics, and I really couldn’t care less about this, this bugs me somewhat that those left of me are regurgitating this without some warning. As a more left-leaning middle living in the South for the last five years and having grown up in one of the most liberal cities in the United States, I have to say that the research that is quoted seems skewed.

Baseline information comes from the American National Elections Studies (NES) maintained by the University of Michigan and the General Social Survey (GSS) maintained by the University of Chicago. We tracked trends through the longest period of time possible, often for decades. We also used data from the Pew Research Center and Gallup, organizations known for their quality polling and free of partisan influence.

Here’s my issue with the report. It uses Gallup, Pew Research, NES and GSS. But if you look at the trends, they fall straight in line with polling of large urban areas and very much not in the way of rural America. How is this so?
I’ll give it to you simply. If you watched the last presidential election, and even the Congressional elections of 2006, you can see that rural America is still a tough cookie to crack. Some issues have swayed and thus having Democrats take Congress, but in Southern states, it was very obvious how it plays out. If you look at historical political maps based on geography, rural America still plays to conservative thoughts just as they have back in the 1970s. Things really haven’t changed when it comes to how the thoughts are, but the parties have since shifted to more extremes. So when you look at political maps, more urban areas such as RTP and even Greensboro will go blue but outskirts of the counties will go red.
Thus…. this report is skewed to make you believe that most of America is less than conservative. I believe that this issue lies in the fact that urban centers are easier to poll and tend to swing left due to the large financial centers. If you’ll notice that in the last presidential, all the large financial centers of the South seemed to swing directly in favor of the blue. In fact, the Pew Research Center data clearly states the cities that were polled in some of the data mentioned. All large cities with good financial backing. Again, it’s an observation that no one seems to mention except sing the praises of Media Matters. That’s great, I’m happy for you. But please read it with a grain of salt. Anyone that interacts with any number of small towns can tell you that a big city conservative is much different than a small town conservative. And last time I checked, small towns still seemed to make up a whole lot of America.