Laws governing marriage and divorce make no sense

wedding.jpg The laws governing marriage and divorce make no sense to me. Not in this state, and not in the slightest when it comes to time spent in doing either. It’s just plain inconsistent. Okay, bare with me.
Divorce currently in this state requires you to sign some papers of separation and wait a year before you can go through with the divorce. I’m assuming that this gives time for both the husband and wife to reconcilliate their differences without going through a divorce. Yet, of all the types of relationships you can have, legally, you can get a marriage license practically the same day. Why is this? Why isn’t there a year wait period?
In fact, strangely enough, Vegas seems to be one of the few places that is consistent about this. You can get married and divorced in a matter of hours. It doesn’t exactly speak highly of the institution of marriage, but at least there’s that.
Why wait a year to get married? Well, think of it this way. Getting engaged takes a while, so why not make it a legal status. The fact that people jump into relationship way too quickly also factors into higher divorce rates. Making it consistent just tells people to slow it down and live and love each other and make sure they’re getting to know one another better. Outside of the honeymoon phase of dating. If you can handle your significant other for at least a legally bound year, then you might have a better marriage because of it. Maybe. Either way, it seems to me that it’d just make more sense.