Justice served? Naye.

thinkprogress.jpg Think Progress is reporting that a federal judge has ordered Scooter to serve his two and a half year sentence and the defendant’s attorneys are scrambling for an appeal.
Amusingly enough, the comments are full of “justice prevails” views. Due to the more liberal stance that Think Progress readers take, it’s not unforeseen. But I personally find it disconcerting that it’s been pushed through so quickly. Why?
Well, not being an attorney, I have to make a couple of assumptions. One is that the court process has to finish before the President is allowed to pardon anyone. With the latest rumors coming from Secretary of State Rice and some very not-so-subtle hints from the White House, it seems like the pardon is but in the bag.
So if people really wanted justice to be served, wouldn’t they rather draw out the proceedings until after the election?
I haven’t bothered to look at the judge’s track record or who appointed him there but it wouldn’t be a wonder at all if there was a Republican behind the scenes. And from the Bush Administration’s point of view, there’s nothing to lose. That is fairly obvious that this President doesn’t care what others think about him seeing how approval ratings are at an all time low and he still bumbles along his merry way like nobody’s the wiser.
Personal opinion, but if the majority of these commenters truly had their heads on straight, they would see that the whole thing is a farce. A joke. If the President pardons Libby, which there are many indications that he will, then it basically shows the world that our judicial system is a crock. It will demonstrate that the rich and the powerful can even deter prison sentences when you know someone up the food chain. At least it’ll look like that if it (a pardon) ever comes to be.