Is the politician representing you taking money from RIAA? Ours are.

Consumerist has uncovered fifty politicians that have taken money from the RIAA. Most of the free world? Dislikes the RIAA due to their scary John Doe legal tactics that blanket covers luddites, grandmothers, and even children.
Never fear though. Locally, we have our own that have taken money from the coffers the recording industry trade group.

Ouch. But why am I not surprised? For both of those districts, I would seriously consider your vote for these two and let them know since they are elected officials if you are against the tactics driven by the RIAA.
Your district not being represented? Go figure that the presidential hopefuls Obama and Clinton are both on this list.
It’s not much money, but it doesn’t really give young people a nice warm fuzzy about these two. Seeing that they’re both supposedly looking after “our” needs and protecting the future and the rest of the political mumbo jumbo. And while this isn’t much money in the whole platinum record type of things, I just can’t help wonder if the RIAA is losing so much money from piracy, where are they getting this extra little bit to grease the palms of politicians? Hmm.
Via Consumerist