If we were to pick a comedian for a President…

With the 2008 presidential elections coming up, and primaries starting to roll, it’s amusing that many Americans still don’t see that party lines don’t mean anything due to the fact that they’re two faces of the same coin.
Which got me to thinking… what if we were going to pick a president that was a comedian?

  • Jon Stewart – Tells it like it is with a humorous spin. Might be a little too upfront and and contentious. Liberal slanted. Could possibly take most urban areas when it came to votes.
  • Stephen Colbert – Also tells it like it is, but fairly conservative. Also upfront and contentious. Could take the religious vote if he so chose.
  • Robin Williams – A bit older so would have experience on his side. Slightly nuts, but would probably have Hollywood backing him up. If Arnold can do it, why not Robin?
  • Jeff Foxworthy – This man is a genius with Blue Collar TV. He tells it like it is but would take the South. Or WOULD HE?
  • Larry the Cable Guy – Now this guy is your good ol’ Southern boy. He says what he’s going to do and “gits er’ done”. Probably would take most of the rural South based on voters associating with him.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I would imagine that while Colbert and Stewart would take young America by storm, they wouldn’t be able to pull the Southern votes. Williams would take Hollywood, but due to his past, he might not be able to shake the whole drug thing. Here’s the ticket though. WIth it coming down to the wire, it really comes down to who can take the South. While Jeff Foxworthy would give a run for the money, I think Foxworthy and and Larry would actually combine together as a presidential candidacy and flip roles after eight years. With the rural South following Larry, and the urban South after Foxworthy, they would have a stronghold that none could withstand. And any political history buff can tell you that you have to take the South to win against a strong opposition.
Motto of the campaign: “Git-R-Done”.