Gackt – Returner – Yami no Shyuen

Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m a big fan of Gackt. He claims to be a 460+ year old vampire and is the love of fangirls everywhere. Used to be the lead singer of Malice Mizer, but went solo in the late 90s. This guy looks effeminate as they come and being that he came out of the Visual Kei generation of Japanese music, he keeps his persona up to the T. Very soft spoken, and has an incredible range on his voice. Most of his music has been more soothing ballad styles but lately he’s been going back to his old jrock days.
Thus, the new music video of Returner – Yami no Shyuen. This single is being released on June 20, 2007 and … well, it’s just amazing. The music video is in the typical style of Gackt. Done very well, much like a movie set. Can’t help but want to listen to that single over and over again! The audio cd import [affiliate] will run you somewhere close to thirteen dollars and the cd/dvd single import [affiliate] will run you close to twenty. Be forewarned that the DVD is region 2 encoded. Pre-order it NOW if you’re wanting some jrock love.
Myself, I’m as giddy as a school girl. That music video and the song itself made me pull out my iPod and run it through the Gackt songs again and again. Oh, and while I’m talking about Gackt, most fans will know about the new band he’s starting with Yoshiki from X-Japan. Straight from the official website:

S.K.I.N. is finally starting up!
A superband consisting of Gackt, former X-Japan memeber Yoshiki, former
Luna Sea member Sugizo, have decided upon Miyavi as their new guitarist
to take part in their band activities.
This superband will hold a live event at the Anime Expo this June 29th!

If only the US had cool things like Visual Kei. Ahh… wish Gackt would tour the US around here. I’d be jumping up and down along with the rest of the screaming fan girls. Okay, maybe not jumping up and down.