Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings DS Lite Bundle (Limited Edition) (Japan Version)

Are you a big Final Fantasy fan? Played all the games, and have all the action figurines? Then don’t miss out on this limited edition import that could pass right through your hands. Revenant Wings is the latest and greatest edition to be added to the Square Enix lineup and from the screenshots I’ve seen… happens to be amazing. This bundle comes with game, and a limited edition Nintendo DS Lite, inscribed with the FFXII-Revenant Wings logo. Might also want to note that the import console only works with 110V but can play all DS games.
As a FF fanboy, the $299.99USD price tag might seem a bit steep until you realize that you’ll probably be one of the only people in your part of the hemisphere with one. No guarantees that it’ll ever go for more than that on eBay unless you get some hard to get signatures on that bad boy, but with the retail being $437.49USD, who are you to complain?