Do people hav no imagination when buying a home?

hgtv.jpg I admit it. I’m a HGTV junkie. Whenever none of my shows are on Cartoon Network, SciFi or Spike, I turn the tube to HGTV and watch those home design shows. Yeah yeah, I can hear the snickering now about how not manly it is.
You can stop. Maybe I just have more taste in interior decorating.
In any case, the more I see shows like that and have been through a couple of open houses in my life, the more I get the picture that most people have ZERO imagination. It’s not the design shows. No… they’re really cool and they tell you how to change out certain things and get the most bang for your buck.
Here’s my deal. People ooohhh and ahhhh about how cute the window treatments are or how bright a room feels because there’s …. wait for it… wait for it….
Incadescent lights, a fire going in the fireplace, and some bright paint on the walls?!?!
Where the heck did you people grow up? Didn’t they teach you creative thought processes? Everyone seems to be in awe over how beautiful things look and apparently that makes a big deal in the sale of a house. But when you move in, you don’t have furniture in there, there won’t be any window treatments, and you too won’t have a good designer help place your furniture or paint your walls for you. So what’s the problem?
People seriously need to look past the fancy pants things and see houses for what they are and how YOUR stuff fits in them, not how he previous owner wows the pants off of you with their mad interior design skills. For me, I just know couple of things: hardwood floors, slate tile and a nice countertop can increase some major points for selling. And that my stuff seems to fit well in this space.