Blue faucet light

A blue faucet light you say? What would you ever do with a blue faucet light?
Oh, but it looks so cool. A nice blue glow that you can lose yourself in until a month later when the water bill arrives and you faint against the sink pedestal. It’s addicting, we know. And all of the little kids in the neighborhood would love you so if you had this wondrous beauty. Who else would have cool faucets where it glows blue when the water runs? And the trigger is the water running itself, so there’s no need for you to hassle with turning a switch on and off like your Christmas lights. You can wow them (the kids, your mom, and Santa Claus) all with the magically blue water.
And the best part is? It only sets you back about fourteen dollars. That’s the price of being cool with a Temperature Controlled Faucet Light [affiliate]. There hasn’t been this level of cool since the invention of The Clapper. And we all know you bought several of those.