150 LED Light Bulbs

Don’t you hate changing light bulbs? I definitely do. And the power consumption from incandescents is crazy. Seriously. There is so much energy lost in heat that you often wonder where exactly your money is going when you turn on those lights. No problem.
You can upgrade those bulbs to LEDs. 150 LED light bulbs have the incandescent equivalent of about fifty watts. That is a little bit dimmer than your average bulb itself. LEDs also last a lot longer than your regular bulbs. LED life spans run about ten years. TEN YEARS. You really can’t beat that type of timing. Or the times that you get annoyed because you have to do something else since your “bulb burned out.” Ick.
One thing to note though. Although these babies only cost you 9W to run, they have about half the lumens of a 70 watt bulb. That means that you would need more LEDs or two of them to gain the equivalent brightness. That’s still not something to worry about if it’s accent lighting. But I figured it was worth mentioning. From the perspective of looks for accent lighting, I would recommend that everyone go with the more expensive frosted glass to diffuse the sharpness of LEDs instead of going with the cheaper clear bulbs.
No matter which one you get, the cost will run you at least seventy to eighty dollars a pop. If you calculate out the savings over the long term however, including the money to power the bulb, it comes out to be a fairly significant chunk of money.
“150 LED 9w E26 Bulb, Clear Housing, White” [affiliate]
“150 LED 9w E26 Light Bulb, Warm White” [affiliate]
“150 LED 9w E26 Light Bulb, White” [affiliate]