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Panda Nanoscan

Think you’ve been infected by some virus? Running Windows and Internet Explorer? Before you unplug your computer from the network, it might be good to go over to Nanoscan. It uses ActiveX so you have to you Internet Explorer, but it basically runs a quick scan against an Internet database of viruses. It’s not what you’d call a complete scan, but it covers over 800,000 malware signatures. That’s pretty darn good for a preliminary scan to see if you’ve been infected.
What’s more is that it only takes approximiately one minute, depending on your processor and Internet broadband connection.
Worried about who’s giving this out? Don’t sweat it. Panda Software is a very reputable antivirus firm.

Movie Review: Happy Feet

I was really excited to see the movie. I know I know, what a shill. Watching a kid’s movie. But come on, you didn’t tap when you were a kid? (Don’t answer that).
In any case, the whole premise of the movie is about how the Emperor penguins sing to each other to find their “soul mate” but little Mumble just can’t sing. He feels the music and he can’t help but tap his feet. Since his colony is in danger, he sets out to find the reason why his little part of the world was gradually getting smaller and smaller and bumps into some very interesting friends along the ways (adelie penguins).
While very cute, the first half hour or so was a musical. Well, the whole movie is a musical, but the first half hour, you don’t know what exactly is going on. It’s drearily slow. However it does pick up later on in the movie. The jokes are pretty amusing and the tapping sequences were done by Savion Glover, a well-known American dancer and choreographer.

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LockWindows does what it advertises. It locks your Windows by logging you off with no confirmation. This apparently is useful when you VNC because Ctrl-Alt-Delete is used for different types of things and thus is blocked by such tools. Fortunately, with a small utility such as LockWindows, you’re able to log off from Windows and do what you need to do without having to go through the whole local processes.


A lot of times, there’s just some file that you can’t delete in Windows. It’s friggin annoying, and it’s even more annoying when you believe that it should be deleted but it just won’t go away. Well, if your unlocker tools don’t work, you can find out what application is using that particular file with WhoLockMe.

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When police don’t like skateboarders…

While I don’t know what the law is about skateboarding in Hot Springs, Arkansas and if there was previous interaction with the police that these teens had going on that could have lead to their arrest, it’s interesting that the videographer actually didn’t do anything that I could tell as depicted as resisting arrest, battery, and some other charges that the officer was saying they violated.

I could be wrong, but I thought most people upon arrest were supposed to be read their Miranda rights? Maybe not. Maybe some police officer could shed some light on it. In any case, while the runner was definitely someone that shouldn’t have done what they did, and there seemed to be more than meets the eye since it was purely an anti-police message right from the start. But if you look at the video with objectivity, the police officer still seems to be quite aggressive towards the teens, especially the videographer since he seemed to be just standing around but protesting a little bit.
I’d love to hear the side of an attorney or police on if the actions were well within the bounds of the officer or if they seemed too aggressive. A copy of the police report would definitely be interesting too just to see what exactly the charges were against the teens and how they broke the law from law enforcement’s eyes.

Blue faucet light

A blue faucet light you say? What would you ever do with a blue faucet light?
Oh, but it looks so cool. A nice blue glow that you can lose yourself in until a month later when the water bill arrives and you faint against the sink pedestal. It’s addicting, we know. And all of the little kids in the neighborhood would love you so if you had this wondrous beauty. Who else would have cool faucets where it glows blue when the water runs? And the trigger is the water running itself, so there’s no need for you to hassle with turning a switch on and off like your Christmas lights. You can wow them (the kids, your mom, and Santa Claus) all with the magically blue water.
And the best part is? It only sets you back about fourteen dollars. That’s the price of being cool with a Temperature Controlled Faucet Light [affiliate]. There hasn’t been this level of cool since the invention of The Clapper. And we all know you bought several of those.


NetMeter is another network traffic monitoring tool. This seems to be freeware for Windows, where it allows you to watch the network ramp up and down depending o the application and use. It doesn’t allow you to shape your traffic which would definitely be a nice plugin, but what you see is what you get.
Lifehacker < NetMeter

Woot does customer service right

woot.jpg You ever heard of Woot? They sell one item, for one entire day and pretty much geared towards geeky items. Usually their prices are pretty much under anyone else, since they try to sell-out their entire inventory that they release in one single day.
In any case, I bought a 19″ LCD monitor back in November of 2006. There was a rebate of $100 and I patiently waited for my check from RebateHQ ( they don’t deserve linking since they didn’t help at all with the deal). After countless emails and following up, RebateHQ informed me that the manufacturer (Wintergreen) is now a “previous” client and to go straight to the manufacturer. Like that was going to do anything since I couldn’t even get them to help me out.
So as a last resort, I pleaded my case with the vendor, Woot with my order number. I knew that they probably couldn’t do anything since it wasn’t their side of it that didn’t get things done, but the manufacturer’s problem. Yet, I got an immediate response that they’ll put my name on a list that was going to the manufacturer. Satisfied that Woot even cared about just some customer of theirs, I let it be.
Today, I checked my credit card statement:

06/15/07 WOOT.COM CARROLLTON TX $ -100.00 Payments and Credits

I got my money credited from Woot?!?! This was two days after I had the email conversation with Woot customer service. What can I say? These people care about their customers. Seriously care. If you could find customer service like this from any other vendors when you go through hell trying to get a rebate for over six months, I would say that you’re in as lucky position as I am. Woot definitely has won over a customer with this type of service.
Thank you, Woot!
As much as I purchase online, I hope that this is a lesson to all online vendors. Customer service as such when things go wrong will win over loyal customers. It can be applied in any type of vendors including brick-and-mortar. But Woot definitely put a smile on my face today.

US Internet Radio goes silent today

dayofsilence_07_khaki.gif Today, Internet radio all across the United States went silent in protest of the rate hike for royalties towards Internet radio. As a lover of Japan-a-radio, Digitally Imported, Sky.fm, and Radio Seven, it’s pretty tough for a listener when almost all of your stations go dead for a day. This should be a huge wake-up call for everyone to do something and e-mail your Congressman or Congresswoman. The Day of Silence was organized by Kurt Hanson, to show how more dreary it would be without the little guys. And boy does it suck. While it’s not the end of the world for me since there are stations outside of North America that I partake in, this could be the beginning of the end.
Seriously. Write to your Congress. We need to save Net Radio and there’s only eighteen more days before thousands of US based webcasters go silent forever. Are you going to stand for that? Not I. Not I.

Naki PSP UMD Slider Case

Naki 30016 PSP UMD Slider Case
I got my hands on the Naki’s PSP UMD Slider Case [affiliate] since I’m always running out of carriers for my UMDs. The look from the pictures reminded me of the Intec cases. In fact, it seems that one company or another was influenced heavily by the other. But when I received the cases, I realized that the Intec ones I had were built better.
For about ten dollars, got you two cases. Each one is made out of some heavy plastic that allows you to carry two UMDs (each in its separate holder) and two memory card holders. The slider functionality of the case basically is that the sections of the case swing out from the hinge. Nothing terribly fancy. The hinge was also made of heavy plastic.
In comparison, Intec’s similar built case allows you to stack up to three UMDs together even though both cases are similar thickness. The hinge is a metallic screw and the lid is spring loaded. Overall, just a better quality design.
If you’re looking for UMD cases, the Naki version seems a bit cheaper but you get what you pay for. Personally, I was curious as to the Naki UMD Tower but now I’m not so sure after seeing the portable carrier.