Why do rich people get better legal treatment?

Sometimes, it’s really not fair.
If you have money, everything goes better for you. Take for example, Paris Hilton. She violated probation on a reckless driving case. If it was any other schmo, you would probably get the full detention with all the rest of the inmates. But not her…. no.
Her sentence got cut in half because of “good behavior”. This consisted of making her latest court date. Don’t you wish you could cut your sentence in half by making a court date (which you’re supposed to do anyways).
Then she gets to stay at a “special needs housing unit” that is for high profile inmates. I doubt that other prisoners get special treatment like this. You know how law is supposed to be objective and the so-called “blind justice” concept? Just throw that entire thought out of your head since it’s pretty obvious that justice gets dazzled by money, and fame.
Via YahooNews
UPDATE (6/7): Paris Hilton apparently is now under house arrest because of a medical condition. The point above is proven even more. I’m personally curious as to what the medical condition is exactly. Tendency to break laws and get away with it? Depression? Addiction to liquor (of which I’m sure she has plenty in the house? Seriously. Martha Stewart at least did her time. This just makes a mockery of the whole justice system in itself.