UMass boos Andrew Card’s honorary degree

Andrew Card, former chief of staff for President George W. Bush, was booed and catcalled by hundreds during the graduate school commencement ceremony. Don’t remember who he was? He’s one of the first guys to spin the PR around the conflict for Iraq and why we should be going in. No amount of words can do the video justice, so just watch:

What can you say…. the students and faculty have made their voices heard. Obviously the university administration has ties with Andrew Card to not have held any regard into what they had to say, and with an overwhelming majority I might add given the amount of “no Card” cards in the video that were displayed. You can guarantee that there will be a rift created between the administration and the student body/faculty in the future. For Card, it was probably an embarrassing moment and not one where I personally would have wanted to show my face in and for the university administration, there might be hell to pay if their decision might effect future enrollment. Who knows. Regardless, the above video shows that there are those in academia that are definitely sick of the war in Iraq and anyone linked to the current administration.
Via RawStory