TypePad bug links wrong TypeKey profile

Found a bug with TypeKey when you use TypePad. Apparently while TypeKey itself takes into account capitalization, TypePad did not. So when I signed in via the blog to comment on someone’s blog, it gave the wrong profile since my login name isn’t caps but the other guy’s was so in the ASCII order of things, he won out as the bigger letter. Oops.
Fortunately, I gave Six Apart the heads up and they responded in their normal friendly fashion that they’ve found the issue and have a patch ready to roll out on May 31st. So in case you’re having the same issues… the recommended work around is to login via the TypeKey link above to register the correct profile.
Nothing drastic as far as bugs go, just a slight annoyance that you’re not you. heh.
Word of advice for startup businesses. If you want to succeed in good customer service, take a few pointers from Six Apart. They really know how to respond quickly and in a friendly fashion and not leave you hanging.